Must Have Animal Repellents: Guard Alaska Bear Spray

December 15th, 2020 by admin Leave a reply »

Let’s face it; there are not too many wild animals that we need to be concerned with in North America these days. Most of us live in areas where the wild animals we encounter consist of squirrels, raccoons, birds, chipmunks and maybe the occasional Garter snake. Not only are these animals going to run from you in skittish terror the second you approach them but even if one was to attack I think it is safe to say that an able bodied human could probably survive a squirrel attack relatively unharmed (unless of course the fury little assailant has rabies).

There is one animal however that I see sometimes when I go camping up north and it is a truly beautiful yet terrifying creature. It is an animal that I make sure I am prepared for and that animal is a bear. I have seen black bears on a handful of occasions when camping in northern Wisconsin and although I’ve never been in real imminent danger of one charging I am wise enough to understand that it can be just a matter of time before I find myself in a life-threatening situation with one of these beautiful beasts. This understanding is what has led me to always make sure I pack (and more importantly carry) a can of Guard Alaska bear spray whenever I go camping or hiking in bear populated areas. For me personally, it just makes sense to take the extra 2 minutes to pack the bear spray when the risk of not taking it could mean me being mauled to death by a 400 pound black bear.

Guard Alaska bear spray is great because not only is it the most effective bear spray available but is also the safest for the environment. There are absolutely no ozone depleting chemicals in Guard Alaska spray and this should be of great importance to anyone that enjoys camping, hiking or just enjoying nature. If we love nature so much let us not destroy it by using chemicals that are harmful to the very thing we hold so dear. Another nice thing about this particular bear spray is that it is safe for the bear. Bears do not attack because they are blood thirsty man eaters. They usually attack because they feel they are being threatened or that their cubs are being threatened in some way, that is why one of the worst situations to be in is to find yourself between a mother bear and her cubs. They are usually gentle creatures that we must find a way to coexist with and that is exactly why I choose Guard Alaska. It is effective enough to thwart off even the biggest bears but won’t leave that bear with any permanent damage after the initial burning sensation wears off.


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